Orange is the New Black

No, no, no, not the silly show. If you’re looking to read something about that then kindly move along. Although I may have made light of it in the title, I am here to address a rather serious matter: the 45th president of the United States. 

Earlier this evening I watched our departing President Obama give his farewell address. It marks the first time in my life that I have been sad to see a president go. Obama may not have been the most spectacular President in our nation’s history, but he sure as hell wasn’t the worst. What I will miss most of all though is his presence as the ultimate representation of the United States. 

I’m not speaking purely on the fact that he signifies our diverse population, but his views and class too. Obama is a very well spoken, well intentioned, classy man. Trump unfortunately shares none of those aforementioned qualities. 

 To start with, Mr. Trump is an absolutely terrible speaker, made even worse by his poor, orange complexioned physical appearance. I am not one for the enforcement of political correctness, but there is a time and place for it, with speeches from world leaders being within that. I do not view a complete lack of concern in regards to offending certain groups of people as a quality which should be possessed by someone in such a respected, powerful position. There’s also his interesting speech patterns and vocal inflections which rarely imply anything positive. 

Then there’s Trump’s questionable intentions as POTUS. He is the first president elect to ever have not released his tax returns, he continuously denies any Russian involvement in the election despite the current US government having proven it. A point that I would rather not even get too deep into as it causes me great stress to even consider is his business and how he claims it will not be a conflict of interest. It is simply undeniable that there is no possible way for a president’s personal business and/or wealth not to pose a conflict of interest when presidential decision my have an impact on said personal items. 

But perhaps the biggest loss of all is of class. Trump lacks it completely. All that is needed for proof are the giant gold, flashy towers bearing his name, his orange completion due to what is presumed to be an excessive attempt to appear to have achieved a tan, or his wife who has posed for nude photos in the past. None such things came into the White House with President Obama. His wife and kids are very respectable people, if he had a business with towers bearing his name they would not be in the appearance of giant gold bricks, and Obama doesn’t try to falsely hide anything like the graying of his hair. He is pretty much as honest as a politician can get (which isn’t saying much). 

I guess more than a fact bearing comparison between Obama and Trump this is a venting of my sadness regarding what we as a country are about to lose. I also can’t make the argument that we wouldn’t have lost these things with a president elect Hillary Clinton, but at least she has been taught how to deliver a speech. I thank Obama for serving our country in the most difficult way, and wish him the best in his well deserved retirement. 


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